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Pre-Sessional English Courses

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If you need to improve your English language skills before starting your chosen academic course, you can access Pre-Sessional English courses offered by ICP.

By studying Pre-Sessional English, you will be part of the ICP student body with access to the same university facilities as other ICP and University of Portsmouth students. Our courses are offered before each academic intake, and successfully completing the Pre-Sessional course guarantees you a place on the next academic stage at ICP.

Why Study a Pre-Sessional English Language Course at ICP?

  • Single visa for the full duration of your studies – from your entry at ICP through to completion of your main course at the University of Portsmouth
  • Increase your understanding of English
  • Improve your pronunciation, grammatical skills and reading comprehension
  • Develop a broad, academically useful vocabulary
  • Improve your ability to participate in seminars and take useful lecture notes
  • Build on your writing skills for essays, reports and assignments
  • Become confident at public speaking and delivering presentations
  • Develop research skills so you can read academic texts, journals and papers efficiently and effectively
  • Develop the independent study skills required for success in a university environment

Pre-Sessional English Language Entry Requirements

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Additional Pre-Sessional English with LSI

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Should you need additional English language preparation, we also work with Language Specialists International (LSI) to deliver English language tuition from IELTS 4.0 upwards. The short and extended English courses of between 8 and 25 weeks offered by LSI means you can progress on to your ICP pathway upon successful completion of the course, without having to sit another IELTS exam.

Why Study Pre-Sessional English at LSI?

  • Flexible course durations
  • Small group classes (maximum 12 students)
  • Lessons take place at LSI and no components are online modules

For more details, please visit, or email

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